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Adopted and published in full - June 2009.
Ratified on June 25th, 2013



I-A. These policies are subordinate to Kingdom Law and Policy, Corpora, and mundane law. They may not contradict them and need not duplicate them. These policies can only be made more restrictive than Kingdom Law or Corpora.

I-B. The Shire’s policies must be reviewed at least once every two years. When ratified, they supersede all former Shire policies. Changes or additions to these policies become official upon announcement at a regular monthly shire meeting.

I-C. Shire policies may be created or changed by the officers. Proposed additions or changes must be announced at a regular monthly Shire meeting. Proposed changes will also be announced via the Sunderoak Yahoo group by the Seneschal. A vote to change or add a policy will occur at the Shire’s next regular meeting after its proposal.

I-D. Any changes must be publicly announced via the Sunderoak Yahoo group by the Seneschal within 30 days. The current policies and any proposed changes will be available on the shire website or in print at any time upon request directed to the seneschal.

I-E. All events, meetings, practices, demos and other group-sponsored gatherings within the Shire's borders must be confirmed in advance with the seneschal. Announcement of activities will be made public via the Sunderoak Yahoo group by the Seneschal or person specifically designated by the Seneschal to make the announcement on his/her behalf.

Announcements must contain the following information - Name of person in charge of activity, contact info, date, time and location of activity plus any fees attendees are expected to pay.

I-F. Official shire activities are considered open invitations to participants. Functions that do not follow these guidelines are not official Shire activities. Private activities will not receive monetary support or benefit of SCA insurance.

I-G. All Sunderoak sponsored activities must be announced by the Seneschal or person designated by the Seneschal no later than 3 days before the event, though more notice is preferred.

I-H. Updated information for an existing activity, such as emergency cancellations, may be posted by either the Seneschal or an officer authorized by the Seneschal to post official changes.(Most likely this would be the officer in charge of a specific type of meeting or practice.) This type of announcement should be made in as timely a manner as possible.

I-I. Any publicized meeting minutes must be pre-approved by the majority of the officers present at the meeting the notes refer to.



II-A. The Officers of the Shire are: Seneschal, Herald, Arts & Sciences, Chatelaine/Castelain, Chronicler, Knight Marshal, Exchequer and Webminister.

II-B. Officers serve for a term of twenty-four months from the officers' meeting at which their appointment was approved. Notification of an Officer's intent to renew or resign must be announced via the Sunderoak Yahoo group by the Seneschal or the officer whose term is expiring at least two months before the end of the officer's term. This notification must solicit letters of intent for a successor.

II- C. Officers required to maintain Shire staus (Seneschal, Exchequer and A&S Officer or Knight Marshal) must have an emergency deputy. The emergency deputy must have contact info and a copy of their membership card on file with the Seneschal.

II-D. An officer may recommend a successor or offer to serve another term, but either choice must be ratified by the officers. If an officer resigns unexpectedly, the emergency deputy will take over the duties of the office and solicit letters of intent for a successor.

II-E. All officers must have a reliable computer, email and Internet access.

II-F. Officers must attend at least 6 shire business meetings and at least 6 officers’ meetings within a calendar year. Officers failing to attend the required number of meetings will come under review by the Seneschal.

II-G. The seneschal shall receive courtesy copies of all officers’ reports being sent to a kingdom superior.

II-H. A two-thirds majority of officers may petition to remove any officer, though a proposal to do so must be announced via the Sunderoak Yahoo group by the Seneschal. The officer will also be notified by mail of impending action.

II-I. Unless otherwise stated, decisions of the officers are ratified by a simple majority of the officers of the shire. Officers may be represented by proxy. A proxy must be submitted by the individual officer via a written message delivered directly to the seneschal prior to the meeting at which the proxy applies. If the officer filing proxy chooses to use an electronic medium, the request must be initiated from a location, address or phone number that can be verified as belonging to the individual officer.

II-J. Any officer may call for a vote, in which case each office except the seneschal gets one vote. A simple majority of the votes cast shall decide the issue. In case of a tie, the seneschal shall cast their vote to determine the outcome.

II-K. Officers must receive the Shire newsletter and it is preferred that they also have email and internet access


The Office of the Chronicler for the Shire of Sunderoak adheres to that of the Corporate and Kingdom of AEthelmearc Chronicler's Policies with the following additions and modifications.

  1. The cost of the newsletter will be set by the chronicler, driven by his/her costs, with approval by a simple majority of the officers of the Shire.
  2. The Chronicler will verify all submissions received via electronic means.

  3. At the end of a chronicler's term all financial accounting and monies will be turned over to the exchequer to pass on to the new chronicler.



III-A. Event bids must be submitted in person at a scheduled meeting containing a quorum of officers for approval.

  1. Autocrats must be paid members of SCA, Inc
  2. It is desirable for event bids to be presented to the officers at least four months before the proposed event; six months is preferable
  3. The event bid must contain, at a minimum, the names of the autocrat and the head cook, a site, a date, a budget, and a break-even analysis.
  4. Inexperienced autocrats must also identify an experienced autocrat as co-autocrat or sponsor.
  5. Inexperienced head cooks must identify an experienced head cook as co-head or sponsor.
  6. Any major change to the event including date, site, head cook, autocrat, or cost over $50 must be presented to the officers.
  7. Autocrats or their appointed representatives must attend the two Shire meetings before their event and present a report of the event at the first officers’ meeting following the event.

III-B. Any children's activities held at an event must be conducted in an openly visible area.

III-C. The autocrat of an event may require any person behaving in a dangerous or disruptive manner to leave the event.



IV-A. The exchequer determines who may make bank deposits.

IV-B. Purchases above $50 must be approved by a majority of the officers.

IV-C. Purchases under $50 may be discussed with the seneschal and exchequer for payment.

IV-D. Event bid forms must be submitted by the autocrat of an event to the officers and may be obtained from the seneschal or via the AEthelmearc website.

IV-E. Site fees shall not be charged to the Autocrat, Cook and Head Tollner of a shire sponsored event. Other staff may also receive site fee waiver at the request of the autocrat, if deemed appropriate by the officers in advance of the event.

IV-F. The autocrat and the exchequer shall complete the event report form. The event report, when completed, will be presented to the next officers’ meeting for review.



V-A. The trailer is shire property and as such is to be used solely for shire property. Personal property is not to be stored in the shire trailer.

V-B.The deputy seneschal is responsible for the upkeep of the trailer and all shire property stored in the trailer.

V-C.Any individual who wishes to use shire property stored in the trailer must give the deputy seneschal at least one-week advance notice. The individual and/or a duly appointed representative will meet the deputy seneschal at the specified time.

V-D. An autocrat and/or feastocrat are responsible for making transportation arrangements, not the deputy seneschal.

V-E. Any borrowed items shall be returned to the deputy seneschal within one week of the completion of the event it was needed for, cleaned and ready for storage.

V-F. Once a feastocrat or autocrat signs out an item, he or she is responsible for the item. If an item comes up missing, the autocrat and/or feastocrat are responsible for reporting for the missing item. The autocrat and/or feastocrat may be responsible for replacing the missing item if the officers feel it is necessary.

V-G. Any individual transporting the trailer must have: a valid driver’s license; insurance on the hauling vehicle to cover the trailer; a vehicle with the necessary hauling capacity; and experience hauling a trailer. A minimum age requirement of 18 years will also be required.



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